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Truth and Transparency in Schools

Our “Truth and Transparency in Schools” Investigation aims to separate fact from fiction in regards to what is happening in Manitoba public schools.

Are litter boxes being placed in schools to accommodate cross -species Identification? Do you have proof?

If your child participated in the “We Thinkers” program, were you made aware that this was a form of Social Emotional Learning (S.E.L.) or did the school avoid the use of those specific words? Were you given the opportunity to opt out?

Are you a teacher who is in support of truth and transparency but you are afraid to speak up for fear of retribution? Have you been forced to participate in mandatory D.E.I. training sessions that support radical, extremist views pushing an agenda and values not appropriate for school? We want to hear from you. *Do not* contact us from your place of employment or using your work email or phone. 

Email your FACTS to

We will not reveal the identity of those providing tips or monetary support.

This investigation has been made possible thanks to multiple clients who wish to remain anonymous but have given permission for the findings of the investigation to be made public.


Support the Truth and Transparency Investigation with an anonymous contribution.   


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