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$10,000 Reward

Independent Investigators is seeking the public's assistance in solving a murder. 

In March of 2019 Lise Danais was murdered inside her Southdale home.

Family and friends of Lise Danais believe police have targeted the wrong person. They do not believe the person charged is the person who committed this crime.

They are pleading with public and the victim’s co-workers to come forward

In 2019, Winnipeg experienced a record number of homicides. Lise Danais was the 11th homicide victim in the first three months of 2019, and she was the sixth victim in March.  This high volume placed an enormous amount of pressure on Police.


The police statement read in part, “....I know the public, in this case, has been waiting not so patiently for us to be able to come forward with some resolution.”


The family, extended family and friends believe that Police may have succumbed to “Tunnel Vision”. As a result some believe police did not fully investigate other persons of interest, even when evidence was presented to them.


Officers have had very little contact with those who were closest to Lise. The family has repeatedly gone to police with evidence they believe has been overlooked and have had little to no follow-up from detectives.

Anyone who is able to provide new information that leads to the arrest of the true killer will receive an award of up to $10,000 in cash.

Call/Text: (431) 887-TIPS

              (431) 887-8477


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